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Dear Podficcer,

Since apparently this is the only thing I use my journals for these days, you can also scroll down one post and read the 2015 post if you'd like, although for once some things have changed. As always,
I'm sure I'm still missing things. Also I'm not into that many of the big fandoms, so I hope I'm not making it too hard for you. I promise you that I will love whatever you gift me. The fact that someone took the time to make anything just for me is enough of a great feeling to make me happy and grateful to you, no matter what.

With that, here's me trying to provide you some guidance in whatever ways I can.

Fandoms/Pairings (In some order of least based on how I feel today):
  • Dragon Age (but not Inquisition!)
    • My absolute primary forever OTP across all fandoms and all of time is Anders/Nathaniel Howe.
    • Other things I like:
      • Anders/M!Hawke
      • Fenris/Hawke
      • Bethany/Nathaniel Howe (I will love you forever if you can work in some Nathaniel/Bethany/Anders)
      • Nathaniel Howe/Cousland
      • Sebastian Vael/Nathaniel Howe
      • Zevran (I guess mainly Alistair/Zevran or Anders/Zevran, but I also love gen fic about Zev)
      • Isabela/Merril and Isabela/Cullen (if you can find that last one I might scream a little)
      • occasional other things...especially gen fic about people in the DA universe just plain being awesome, but Nathaniel/Anders is always going to be the best
  • Football (soccer) RPF. This is a new recent weakness of mine and I seem to have tripped and fallen. Hard.
    • Pairings:
      • Dele Alli/Eric Dier
      • Iker Casillas/Cesc Fabregas
      • Iker Casillas/David Beckham
      • Iker Casillas/Sergio Ramos
      • Juan Mata/David De Gea or Juan Mata/David De Gea/Ander Herrera
      • Daley Blind/Jasper Cillessen
      • Toby Alderweireld/Jan Vertonghen
    • Teams (can be gen fic or the pairings above or whatever):
      • Spanish National Team
      • Netherlands National Team
      • Belgian National Team
        • With a major focus on Toby/Jan and on Dries Mertens and not even a little bit on Eden Hazard (although Thorgan Hazard is more than fair game)
      • Real Madrid
      • Manchester United
      • Tottenham Hotspur
        • Specifically (aside from the pairings above) I will love gen fic of the boys being the boys, but also if you can dig me up something involving Vincent Janssen and/or Christian Eriksen that would be some kind of fabulous miracle working
  • The Raven Cycle. I'm still not convinced I'm here for anything involving Ronan Lynch, but I love Adam Parrish so I can probably be convinced. Also Gansey/Blue. Will also accept Gansey/The Pig because no one should love a car that much.
  • Miss Fisher's Murder Mysteries. I haven't read a lot of fic in this series, but I fully believe I'd be 100% behind most of it. Phryne/Jack. Dot/Hugh. Gen fic of them solving crimes and being badasses. Basically whatever.
  • Once Upon a Time. It's all Emma/Hook for me.
  • Musketeers. All the things. All of them.
  • Being Human. Mostly all of it. Love the original cast the most though, but will also read some Hal tries to deal with himself things.
  • Castle. Kevin Ryan/Javier Esposito. I really don't ship anything else on this show, but I ship this pretty hard.
  • Sleepy Hollow (TV). Ichabod Crane/Abbie Mills. That's pretty much it. I'm pretending this season doesn't exist
  • Outlander. Jamie/Claire. Or general Scottish Highland antics and adventures.
  • BBC Robin Hood. Robin/Marion, Gisborne/Marion. Robin/Gisborne. Any and all gen fic, especially gen fic featuring antics!
  • North & South. Again a fandom in which I haven't read any fic, but I love the show and love Richard Armitage, so bring it on I guess.
  • Pushing Daisies. I love this show like an old friend. Gen fic. Everyone being awesome. Solving murders. Love it.
  • Call the Midwife. Again, I haven't read a lot of fic in this, but I think I'd love anything mostly. After S4 I really want some Patty/Delia because. Well. Because.
  • Merlin. Merlin/Arthur or most things with Lancelot or Gwaine Admittedly, I read very little fic in this fandom, but I really enjoyed the show on a deep level so I'm betting if I took the time to get involved I'd be pretty into this fandom.
  • Forgotten Realms. Not all of it, just the Drizzt universe stuff. I'm a sucker for Drizzt/Artemis Entreri ANYTHING.
  • The Dark Is Rising book series. Bran/Will. If you find one of these and podfic it for me I'd probably be totally thrilled because it's super obscure.
  • There is probably other stuff I like, so feel free to ask me about things. I have anonymous commenting turned on for the duration of the exchange. I watch a lot more shows than this, but don't really get involved in the fanworks side of them, so if you have a great idea that's in another fandom feel free to contact me.

I don't have a huge number of squicks, but I don't really enjoy pure PWP fic, I don't do m!preg, I'm pretty picky about BDSM and D/s stuff (not that I don't like it, just what I like is pretty specific so the odds of getting the right one are probably worse than the odds of getting the good ones), and body horror situations, anything involving non-sexual bodily fluids (I have a HUUUUGE vomit squick, so please just don't do it)

Things I really like
  • AU's--especially the high school/modern/coffee shops/sports/ mundane AUs. Seriously, I'm a SUCKER for an AU.
  • Relationship building--I have a HUUUUGE soft spot for the 'this is how we got together" story. The more "slow burn" the better.
  • Angsty stuff. long as things get resolved at the end, I totally love fic that drags the characters through pretty much the lowest-low and back then ends on some sort of comfort note.
Things I don't like
  • Pure PWP
  • dub-con/non-con. (not that I don't like it, but basically proceed with caution. I might like it, I might not...totally depends on the situation.)
  • Character bashing
  • kidfic

Feel free to podfic any of my fic here or anything on my bookmarks list or really anything you see fit. I love most things from cute, fluffy stories to serious relationship building, to total angst (as long as it ends on a happy note). I will turn on anonymous commenting, so feel free to get in touch with me here, on LJ (at the same name), or on my tumblr at if you have questions or wonder if something is okay.

Thanks so much and happy podficcing!


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