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Birthdate:Jan 20
Location:Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States of America
I'm really busy, so don't expect a lot of me. I really like Dragon Age, so do expect a lot of that. I will mostly use this account to write/house/store some of my DA fic and my thoughts while creating it. Here is what you will find:

When All That's Left is You is my first fic. It's an Awakening fic told from the point of view of Anders as he's looking back on the events. It is so named because some parts of the story tie in to the songs on an album of the same name, albeit very loosely and possibly only in the vast nexus of weird connections that is my mind.

My stories are all fictional. I claim no ownership of the fictional characters copyrighted to others.

Please read the warnings on each story. If you think I should have warned for something and didn't, please let me know.

Feedback is always exciting, but it's not required. If you'd rather lurk, that's cool, too. Just enjoy the fics.

I give blanket permission to use my fics for pretty much anything - with a couple of conditions:

Drop me a line
Please let me know if you plan to use my work for anything.

Do not archive or repost my stories or related content (podfic) anywhere public (including member-locked communities) without my knowledge. Copying to your hard drive or printing them out for your personal archive is fine, same goes for sharing via email between friends - though not mailing lists.

Fanart is the coolest thing ever. Absolutely no permission needed. I’d appreciate a link when it’s posted, and unless you have any objections, I’d love to archive a copy here with the story as well.

You may record a podfic of any of my fics (unless stated otherwise in the header info) as long as you're okay with the conditions listed below:

Keep the header info intact when posting, and since you never know where the recording is going to end up, make a statement within the recording informing the listener that the recorded work is a work of fanfiction. Please also state that I am the author.

Don't change any of the original story text while recording, unless you ask me first.

You may post the finished work to any fandom comm/website you like, archive it wherever you wish, but let me know when your work is posted.

This permission only extends to podfics being shared within fandom and for free. If you would like to use the work (now or in the future) in any other capacity, please contact me first.

Happy reading!

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