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This is a short chapter, but I think it's an important one. We get to see the first interplay between the three major players. We get just a hint of backstory for Jo as well as a peek into the past of Jo and Nate. In addition, Anders' conflicting feelings kind of fill me with glee (because I'm a mean, mean writer) and Nate being downright awful in the sexiest way possible is a little hot, even to me, and I wrote it.

The bits at the beginning about Anders not being able to sleep weren't in there originally., but I had a discussion (or watched someone else have a discussion, idek anymore) about the warden dreams and how they might affect mages differently than others and how Anders is basically really messed up anyway so probably nightmares about darkspawn aren't a thing he deals with well, so I thought I'd write in a bit of a throughplot about Anders coming to terms with all the new stuff that comes along with being a warden.

Chapter 4: The Dance )
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Anders and company meet Nathaniel Howe in this chapter. Which is where the plot thickens because Anders basically finds Nathaniel sex personified. Plus some of Anders' past baggage starts coming out. This is one of my favorite early chapters, and I particularly like how parts of it came out after editing. On suggestion/request I added in a bit more with Hawke and that bit turned out to be super impactful to me anyway, so I'm glad I added it. I sort of love Nate and the way Anders interacts with Jo and the way Anders starts getting all conflicted here. This is where we start sliding into the conflict of the story and I'm pretty proud of how it goes at the start. I hope you enjoy

Chapter 3: Nathaniel )


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