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My main purpose in getting this journal was that it provided me with the ability to read the entries of others and follow communities and other works. And possibly, at some point, when I felt like it, participate in some of the writing prompts on the fanfiction communities. I have not done that yet. There are far too many stories and people and snippets of things bouncing around in my head for me to need to turn to a prompt in order to come up with a story. Rather, my rate of writing, insistence on revision, and distinct lack of time and non-lack of other hobbies means that I don't even keep up with all the ideas that spill forth. But perhaps some day.

For now, I'm working on a very long fic. I have been working on said very long fic for over a year now, but when I started it, I realized that I knew nothing of writing. The craft of writing that is. I certainly know how to write words on a page. Around October, I got the brilliant idea to pull one of those aforementioned idea sparks out of my head and turn it into a *gasp* actual book. I'm still working on that. That said, the process of figuring out exactly how it is that one writes an actual book led me to doing a lot of study on the art and craft of writing. Story structure, conflict, resolution, all of that. Then I picked up this fantastic book on editing (though I've been through it cover to cover so many times that I now hate it) and began the process of editing my fanfic.

And that's when I realized that even though I'd read and revised each chapter at least five times before posting it, the reality was that it still just wasn't very good.

So I'm making it better. Allegedly.

And that's what I'll use this journal for, I think.  I'll post the chapters as they are edited (it's a long time between chapters, so please don't hold your breath anxiously awaiting the next one, in the event that you're actually reading this).  AND! I periodically think or wish or hope or something like that, that or AO3 would provide me with a space to let me post some thoughts on each chapter or the processes I'm using or the music that's going on in the background and inspiring me, or really just any space at all for me to keep people informed about the update process and what's going on in the life and mind of the author as the update process occurs.  So, expect that either at the beginning of the posts or at the ends or somewhere in between chapters, you'll get an entry like this, where I talk about a lot of things pertaining to the story and myself and my writing process.

For now though, since chapters 1 - 8 are already posted, I'll probably just dump them on you one-by-one.

So that's my intent.  There you have it.  I'll try to use different fonts and obvious breaks when I'm posting story vs. my own rambling thoughts.  I'll also tag all entries pertaining to the stories with the relevant tags.  For my first story, When All That's Left is You, I've taken to labeling the files ATL_#.  So you'll probably get ATL in the tag and the headline for that day.

You'll see what I mean.

Any rate.  I hope that anyone reading this enjoys the stories, my taste in music, and the very candid and rambling thoughts that spill out of my mind and onto the page.


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